Kipp Farms 

Family farm since 1848, specializing in Grass Fed Beef, Farm Fresh Pork, Spring Lamb, Free Ranged Chickens, Ducks, and local seasonal organic produce. Come visit our store and farm!

Chicken, Ducks, and Eggs

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Nothing beats the quality of eggs our hens and ducks lay daily! Our eggs have a rich golden yolk. You can always get our chicken eggs and duck eggs at the self serve cooler outside our store, anytime of the day. Duck eggs are great for baking and good to eat! They are rich with vitamins. Just make sure you do not over cook duck eggs, they will turn rubbery. Here is a link on more about duck eggs. 

$4/dozen chicken eggs
$6/dozen duck eggs

We sell whole pastured heritage roosters for dinner, $4/pound. Heritage roosters are different than chickens you buy at the grocery store. Their bodys are longer, and leaner. The meat has more flavor than the standard chicken meat that you can purchase from the grocery store. 

We sell free ranged dressed ducks, $6/pound These are not typical ducks just for meat. They have been allowed to forage and roam. Their meat has more flavor and you will not be disapponted.